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Predict what the playoff committee rankings will be by filling in your picks for the weekend

PlayoffPredictor.com can build a very accurate representation of the top 4 teams for next week. Simply fill in your expectation of the winners of this week's slate of games and PlayoffPredictor.com will give you what the resulting poll will look like on Tuesday!

For each pairing, just select the winner for each game. You do not need to fill in all the games, however the result will be more accurate with the more games you enter.

Percentages to the left and right of each time are their elo victory probabilities , and team ratings here *do* consider margin of victory.

Home field advantage *is* taken into consideration for future probabilities. The home team gets a rating boost of 0.05 for weeks 1-13. Week 14 games are assumed to be neutral site.

For each matchup the winning percentage chance is displayed next to the team name, and the predicted point spread is given in green.

Too many games to choose? Try picking games being played by the top 15 teams next week

59%Wisconsin vs.Purdue 41%+3
84%NC State vs.Virginia 16%+13.5
28%Boise State vs.San Diego State 72%-8
91%Air Force vs.San Jose State 9%+17
42%Rutgers vs.Michigan 58%-3.5
78%Florida State vs.Clemson 22%+10
88%Oklahoma vs.Cincinnati 12%+15
13%Army vs.Syracuse 87%-15
48%Auburn vs.Texas A&M 52%-2
68%Western Kentucky vs.Troy 32%+6.5
82%Kentucky vs.Vanderbilt 18%+12
23%Virginia Tech vs.Marshall 77%-10.5
44%SMU vs.TCU 56%-3.5
64%Tulsa vs.Northern Illinois 36%+5
21%Western Michigan vs.Toledo 79%-11
66%Georgia Southern vs.Ball State 34%+6
60%Colorado vs.Oregon 40%+3.5
52%UCLA vs.Utah 48%+1.5
60%Ole Miss vs.Alabama 40%+3.5
95%Duke vs.UConn 5%+21
86%Miami vs.Temple 14%+14
20%Florida Atlantic vs.Illinois 80%-11.5
63%Maryland vs.Michigan State 37%+4.5
38%Louisiana Tech vs.Nebraska 62%-4.5
6%Boston College vs.Louisville 94%-20
51%BYU vs.Kansas 49%+1
20%Texas Tech vs.West Virginia 80%-11.5
32%New Mexico vs.Massachusetts 68%-7
4%Texas A&M-Commerce vs.Old Dominion 96%-24
65%Ohio vs.Bowling Green 35%+5.5
1%Delaware State vs.Miami (OH) 99%-37
26%UTSA vs.Tennessee 74%-8.5
58%Oklahoma State vs.Iowa State 42%+3
74%Rice vs.South Florida 26%+8
46%Eastern Michigan vs.Jacksonville State 54%-3
17%Central Michigan vs.South Alabama 83%-13.5
11%Gardner-Webb vs.East Carolina 89%-17
75%Liberty vs.Florida International 25%+9
9%Georgia Tech vs.Wake Forest 91%-18
29%Arkansas vs.LSU 71%-7.5
36%Oregon State vs.Washington State 64%-5.5
17%Charlotte vs.Florida 83%-13.5
30%Sam Houston vs.Houston 70%-7.5
44%Colorado State vs.Middle Tennessee 56%-3.5
74%Arizona vs.Stanford 26%+8
1%Nicholls vs.Tulane 99%-37
39%Appalachian State vs.Wyoming 61%-4
42%Southern Miss vs.Arkansas State 58%-3.5
8%Nevada vs.Texas State 92%-18
4%UAB vs.Georgia 96%-24
97%Texas vs.Baylor 3%+27
37%Ohio State vs.Notre Dame 63%-5
46%Iowa vs.Penn State 54%-3
30%Akron vs.Indiana 70%-7.5
40%Memphis vs.Missouri 60%-4
72%Minnesota vs.Northwestern 28%+7.5
57%Mississippi State vs.South Carolina 43%+3
8%Buffalo vs.Louisiana 92%-18
96%North Carolina vs.Pittsburgh 4%+23
63%UCF vs.Kansas State 37%+4.5
74%James Madison vs.Utah State 26%+8
86%UNLV vs.UTEP 14%+14
92%USC vs.Arizona State 8%+17
8%California vs.Washington 92%-18
6%Kent State vs.Fresno State 94%-20
74%New Mexico State vs.Hawaii 26%+8