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Predict what the playoff committee rankings will be by filling in your picks for the weekend

PlayoffPredictor.com can build a very accurate representation of the top 4 teams for next week. Simply fill in your expectation of the winners of this week's slate of games and PlayoffPredictor.com will give you what the resulting poll will look like on Tuesday!

For each pairing, just select the winner for each game. You do not need to fill in all the games, however the result will be more accurate with the more games you enter.

Percentages to the left and right of each time are their elo victory probabilities, and team ratings here *do* consider margin of victory.

Home field advantage *is* taken into consideration for future probabilities. The home team gets a rating boost of 0.04 for weeks 1-13. Week 14 games are assumed to be neutral site

Too many games to choose? Try picking games being played by the top 15 teams next week

34%SMUvs.UCF 66%
17%Nebraskavs.Rutgers 83%
17%Houstonvs.Memphis 83%
18%Colorado Statevs.Nevada 82%
50%UNLVvs.San Jose State 50%
87%Michiganvs.Indiana 13%
54%Tennesseevs.LSU 46%
32%TCUvs.Kansas 68%
14%Arkansasvs.Mississippi State 86%
22%Missourivs.Florida 78%
48%Texasvs.Oklahoma 52%
25%Purduevs.Maryland 75%
49%Louisvillevs.Virginia 51%
51%Eastern Michiganvs.Western Michigan 49%
42%Buffalovs.Bowling Green 58%
26%Akronvs.Ohio 74%
83%Georgia Southernvs.Georgia State 17%
3%South Floridavs.Cincinnati 97%
11%Auburnvs.Georgia 89%
22%Texas Techvs.Oklahoma State 78%
20%Utahvs.UCLA 80%
97%Libertyvs.UMass 3%
72%Wisconsinvs.Northwestern 28%
16%Virginia Techvs.Pittsburgh 84%
17%East Carolinavs.Tulane 83%
63%Tulsavs.Navy 37%
47%Ball Statevs.Central Michigan 53%
85%Toledovs.Northern Illinois 15%
58%Kent Statevs.Miami (OH) 42%
44%Middle Tennesseevs.UAB 56%
95%Ohio Statevs.Michigan State 5%
89%Ole Missvs.Vanderbilt 11%
93%Washingtonvs.Arizona State 7%
78%Dukevs.Georgia Tech 22%
74%North Carolinavs.Miami 26%
37%Western Kentuckyvs.UTSA 63%
87%Air Forcevs.Utah State 13%
59%Wyomingvs.New Mexico 41%
91%James Madisonvs.Arkansas State 9%
82%Appalachian Statevs.Texas State 18%
31%Southern Missvs.Troy 69%
49%UConnvs.Florida International 51%
57%UTEPvs.Louisiana Tech 43%
97%Clemsonvs.Boston College 3%
16%Washington Statevs.USC 84%
18%South Carolinavs.Kentucky 82%
2%Armyvs.Wake Forest 98%
61%BYUvs.Notre Dame 39%
68%Kansas Statevs.Iowa State 32%
24%Iowavs.Illinois 76%
7%Texas A&Mvs.Alabama 93%
44%Florida Statevs.NC State 56%
88%Coastal Carolinavs.UL Monroe 12%
82%Oregonvs.Arizona 18%
17%Fresno Statevs.Boise State 83%
15%Hawaiivs.San Diego State 85%
72%Oregon Statevs.Stanford 28%