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Predict the winning probabilities of a single game

Here you can use an Elo-based calculation to predict the winning probailities for two given teams. The winning probabilities are based on the ratings of each team. Home field and committee bias can optionally be included.

The probabilities are computed with a base equal to 1000 and a divisor of 1

- P(A) = probability team A wins against team B
- rA = rating of team A
- rB = rating of team B

The team ratings can be either biased (include data from the playoff committee) or be unbiased (purely using the computer rating of the team).
The computer ratings *do* include margin of victory data.

These probabilities are modeled from elo ratings, commonly used in competitive Chess

Show winning probabilities of a specific game (enter your teams below)
Use biased ratings (playoff committee bias)
Add home field advantage into home teams rating