Season and week definitions

The college football playoff committee uses a slightly different way to count the weeks of a college footbal season than ESPN uses. Specifically the committee uses a forward-looking paradigm, where they count one week ahead. Becasue of this, it is critically imporant to be specific with the definition of any single week during the last half of the season.

For example, on Tuesday November 3rd 2015 the cfb playoff committee released rankings titled "Week 9". This ranking had LSU as the #2 team. If you look at ESPNs site, and look up week 9 of 2015 you will see there is no cfb committee rankings that week (only AP and coaches), and week 10 of ESPN shows LSU as being listed by the CFB committee as #2. So, what the college football committee calls week 9, ESPN calls week 10. This is carried on through the end of the season. Specifically what the CFB committee calls week 14 (final rankings), ESPN calls week 15.

For the year 2014 the cfb committee issued 7 sets of rankings, starting with week 10 and going through final rankings on week 16.

For years 2015 onwards the committee issues 6 sets of rankings, starting with week 9 and going through final rankings on week 14. The conclusion of games on Saturday at the end of week 14 is the data needed for to give its prediction of week 14 (final) ratings / rankings.

For the purpose of archive ratings, follows CFB committee nomenclature of post 2015.

Week 15 of 2015 onwards consists solely of the Army-Navy game. There is no committee prediction for week 15 from years 2015 onwards (with the noteable exception is Army or Navy is up for a semifinal/guaranteed bowl game due to rankings)